Are you Prepared to shoot some hoops? You can work on ball shooting, free throws, and a couple pummels dunks in these free basketball games online. Play like Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan or another of your most beloved basketball players. is the most admired website for enjoying free online basketball games. You will find many types of amazing and cool games here. We offer all types of basketball games like: street basketball games, basketball shooting games, basketball games for kids and even 3D basketball games so that you will never feel shortage of new games and thus it’s guaranteed that you will never feel bored by playing the same games again and again.

Some games are played by a single player while others require multi-players to play. You can enjoy these games on the web as long as you have a stable internet connection and flash player installed (get it here). Free basketball games online are the best option for you to choose when you need some sports action to get rid of daily stress.

Play and enjoy various free throw games, apply some exciting tricks and show off your passing and shooting ability. How great would you say you are at getting along sidestepping rival players and tossing the ball?  Do you have it all to be a professional virtual basketballer?


 1. Pic n Pop

pic-n-pop-1 pic-n-pop-3

In this free basketball game, you have to throw the basketball to your teammates and your aim will be to basket the ball while simultaneously, you have to fight against the time also.

 2. Pic n Pop 2

pic-n-pop-2-1 pic-n-pop-2-2

A sequel to Pic n Pop basketball game. All you need to do is – throw the ball and hit each referee to clear every level. You have to pass the ball between your fellow team members to pass each level in the least possible shots.

 3. Basketball Classics

basketball-classic-2 basketball-classic-3

Play basketball game where you have to score points through the moving baskets. Those moving baskets will come from ‘right to left’ or ‘’left to right’ with varied speeds. You need to click somewhere on the screen to launch the ball.

You will find that the cannon is also moving with the direction of the mouse.

 4. World Basketball Challenge

world-basketball-challenge-2 world-basketball-challenge-1

This is an extremely challenging, yet interesting flash basketball game and in this game, you have to compete with players all around the world. Most importantly, you must have to win against all of them to win the trophy. In this game, your aim will be scoring the maximum possible 3 pointers and 2 pointers to win the game. You are all free to develop your character performance by purchasing some cool and useful stuff from the in-game shop.

 5. World Basketball Championship

world-basketball-championship-3 world-basketball-championship-2

Win this world championship of basketball and be the World Basketball Champion! Select the most favorite national team of you and make it from the group level to the final.

 6. Hyper Dunker

hyper-dunker-2 hyper-dunker-1

It’s quite similar to the dunk competition and undoubtedly, you will enjoy it more at the time you will play with your best buddies. Try to perform the most effective and hardest moves so that you can score the highest points. If you are one of the fans of slam dunk basketball, it will certainly be the best game you have ever played.

 7. Stick Basketball

stick-basketball-2 stick-basketball-1

Without any doubt, this game is a fabulous one. Put on your dope shoes and start playing the stick basketball. These shoes perform greatly to the ball whether you want to drop the bombs from a long distance or to carry it to the hoop. You just need to choose your team to start playing 21 or the championship.

 8. Sports Heads Basketball

sports-heads-basketball-2 sports-heads-basketball-3

This well-known two-player sports game is actually a ball-based game in which you can play the game against your friends and rivals. You can also play this interesting and famous game alone against the 10 big-headed in-game basketball players. You are required to swat the basketball into your rival’s hoop if you wish to beat the AI player.

 9. World Basket Cup

world-basket-cup-2 world-basket-cup-1

It’s the season of the World Basket Cup! It’s an online ‘one to one’ international basketball tournament game which is very exciting and challenging to play. Start the game with selecting your name and choosing the design of your character.

You will use the arrow keys to control the navigation system of your character and use SPACE to shoot the balls. You will get some money after winning some matches and thus you will be able to buy some important accessories to boost your character’s overall performance. You need to pass the Quarterfinals and Semifinals levels to reach to the finals and win the final to be the World Basket Cup champion!

 10. Basket Balls

basketballs-1 basketballs-2

Another free basketball shooting game. Shoot balls into the basket and do it as fast as it’s possible. You are required to make a score in each and every basket to pass a level. If you can hit the referees, you will get 5 seconds as a bonus.

 11. BasketBalls Level Pack

basketballs-level-pack-2 basketballs-level-pack-1

You will enjoy this game a lot as it includes 38 brand new Basketballs levels and the score system is much more upgraded now.

 12. 3 Point Shootout

3-point-shootout-1 3-point-shootout-2

It’s the time to take some training. You have to present your basketball talent before your coach. So, all you need to do is – impress him by performing 3-point shot perfectly. Let’s show who you are and what you got and be ready to be accepted among the best basketball players.

 13. Hero Hoops

hero-hoops-2 hero-hoops-1

You are going to invest a lot of hours in this game; as this game will not let you go so easily. Yes, it’s very addictive and interesting that you won’t get bored anyhow. You need to shoot the balls into the moving baskets and this part makes it even more challenging.

Play the game with your best buddies and figure out who can collect the highest scores within the fixed time of each round to beat the others. You will be able to receive bonus time after exceeding a certain amount of points and you can also get an entry to the special rounds.

 14. Basketball Jam

basketball-jam-2 basketball-jam-1

Time to shoot some balls into the hoops. In this free basketball shooting game, you will be playing against a group of the best basketball players who are really capable of knocking you down. So, give the best and show off your shooting talent to score the highest possible baskets before the time ends.

 15. Swish

swish-3 swish-2

It’s a game with a quite interesting and odd concept. The thing is – aliens have figured out how to play basketball and they have modified the game rules a bit. And also, they are playing the game continuously. You need to challenge them and play the game to beat them.

 16. Ultimate Swish

ultimate-swish-1 ultimate-swish-3

You need to have proper timing to press the horizontal and the vertical buttons to shoot the basketball.

 17. Age of Basketball

age-of-basketball-2 age-of-basketball-1

The basketball contest has already started. And you are in an ancient time. Now, you are required to take part in this competition. So, let’s just enjoy the game forgetting the hard terms and conditions!

 18. Perfect Hoopz

perfect-hoopz-2 perfect-hoopz-1

Certainly, you are going to love basketball, once you play this great fun game. It will be tough to play the game at first. But once you understand the game, you will be addicted to it.

 19. Top Basketball

top-basketball-2 top-basketball-1

Only one aim – shooting the balls through the baskets to collect the maximum possible scores. You will get only 2 minutes to challenge yourself to break your previous best score records. There will be some weird, yet funny friends of yours to cheer you up. And there are also some rivals of you who will try to block you from scoring. You have to avoid them and concentrate fully on the game.

 20. Basketball Cannon

basketball-cannon-1 basketball-cannon-2

Shoot the balls from your cannons and try to score some baskets. This free basketball arcade game combines the classic cannon game with the challenging puzzle games to make it harder for you. Before shooting the balls, you clear the way to the basket by discovering the unlocking mechanism. You may have to use a teleport in some levels to reach to the basket. As the level upgrades, the game becomes more addictive and it opens new and new puzzles before the players.

 21. Cannon Basketball 2

cannon-basketball-2-2 cannon-basketball-2-1

This game is improved version of the basketball cannon game in which you have to unlock your way to the basket by solving puzzles and then shoot the balls into the hoops to make scores. In some cases, you can use the teleport to reach to the baskets. As you will reach the advanced levels of the game, you will face new puzzles and thus you have to search for the newer ways to reach to the basket.

 22. March Mayhem

march-mayhem-2 march-mayhem-1

Imagine that you are far better than the punks in the NCAA. So, hurry up and build a team! Get to an action and show your best to take your team to the finals.

 23. Trick Hoops Challenge

trick-hoops-challenge-1 trick-hoops-challenge-2

It is a very much exciting game in which you have to face the toughest basketball players and beat them on the street. This game resembles the old school type basketball games which make it more interesting and funny. This flash game is very addictive and undoubtedly, you will fall in love with it. The aim will be scoring the highest points to beat all other players on the leaderboard.

 24. Basket Jump

basket-jump-2 basket-jump-1

This addicting basketball game includes 35 levels all together. Can you make enough scores to jump through all the 35 levels?

 25. Naruto Basketball Game

naruto-basketball-game-2 naruto-basketball-game-1

You have to help Naruto to shoot the ball into the basket and you need to try to score as many baskets as possible before the time expires.

 26. Basketball Gozar

basketball-gozar-2 basketball-gozar-1

You are going to have great fun with great addicting Basketball Gozar game. You have to pass 50 challenging levels to complete this game. To make the baskets, determine precise power and angle before shooting the ball. The power will be decided by the mouse distance and you will modify the angle by changing the mouse position.

 27. Jordan Xtreme

jordan-xtreme-2 jordan-xtreme-1

All you should do to win the game is scoring the highest possible points before the time expires. To move the direction and position of your player you have to use your mouse and throw the ball by clicking the mouse.

 28. Little Girl Basketball

little-girl-basketball-2 little-girl-basketball-1

This is a free basketball game for kids in which you need to help the little girl to score the maximum possible points before the time is up.

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